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Wisconsin ~ State Divorce Laws 
                                        State-by-State Divorce Laws
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Wisconsin Home Page
Health & Safety: Vital Records, Consumer Protection
Education: Agencies, Schools K-12/Universities, Libraries
Government: Administrative Code, Statutes, Legal Notices

Wisconsin Judicial Branch
Self-Help Center: Representing Yourself, Going to Court
Forms: Divorce, Child Support, Name Change, Paternity,
Birth, Marriage & Death Certificate Applications...

Wisconsin Legislature
Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations
The Family: Marriage, Actions affecting the family
Property rights of married persons; marital property.
Civil: Appeals and writs of error, Garnishment, Court Cost

Wisconsin Bar Association
Public: Lawyer Referral, Law-Related Education
Resource Library, Legal Dictionary, Wisconsin Courts
Legal: Administrative Code, Legal Forms, Court Rules
Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
Child Support, Child Care, Wisconsin Fatherhood Initiative
School-To-Work, Youth Apprenticeship, Career Centers
Work Permits, Food Stamps, Quality Counts Kids Task Force

Wisconsin Child Support Information
Child Support Guidelines, Parent Receiving/Paying,
View your Payments, Local Child Support Agencies,
Calculator, Paternity, Employers' Guide to Child Support

Wisconsin Department of Health & Family Services
Domestic Abuse/Violence, Adoption, Vital Records, Hospitals
Child Abuse/Neglect, Child Care, Family Support Program
Children with Special Needs, Foster Care, Form Library

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