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Financial Tracker

Financial Tracker
Helping Parents Organize Information

Financial Tracker

Purchase Download Software: $6.95

Important  Items to Track

1.  Child Support - Paying or Receiving
       Child Support: Total Payments   Yearly Payments
2.  Child Health Care Expenses: Dates & Treatment
3.  Activity Expenses: Annual Obligation, Information, Dates
4.  Living Expenses: Household, Children, Personal, Vehicle
5.  Detailed Child Rearing Expenses: Monthly and Yearly
      Also Included:
6.  Yearly Calendar: Parenting Time & Activities
7.  School Grades: Single Page, 1st Grade to 12th Grade

After Purchase

Access to Entire Software

Instant Access 24-Hours a Day, 7-Days a Week.
"Access to Entire Software" allows you to download software.
, You Choose: "User Name" and "Password

These forms are in Microsoft Excel format.  An Excel program is like a deluxe calculator.
You can customize these forms, if you need and save all changes.  Previous years are for back-tracking.
Each section is set up for the years 2005 to 2010.  Also, there is a accumulation page for: Child Support/Activities/Health Care

Instructions Page
"Instructions" will help you get started and to set up more years.

Child Support Worksheet

Individual Year Page - You Enter:
1.  Amount owed/ahead from previous year.    2.  Amount due each week.    3.  Amount paid for that week.

Automatically Calculated: 1.  Weekly amount owed/ahead for the week.    2.  Current overall status for all years calculated.

Total Years Page - You Enter:
1.  Amount of "Obligation Due" for year.  Will get from Yearly worksheet year.
2.  Amount of "Obligation Paid" for year.  Will get from Yearly worksheet year.

Automatically Calculated: 1.  Total Obligation Due    2.  Total Oblation Paid    3.  Total Status

Downloading Instructions
It Will Ask: Do you want to run or save this file: Click "Save" and save it to your C drive >Documents and Settings
File is in an
WinZip Self-Extract. Go to download and double click on file then "run" then "Unzip"
File is designed to unzip
to My Computer > C:\Documents and Settings.  It will say 12 files unzipped successful.

Trouble Downloading
For faster results, Please e-mail me what kind of trouble you are having. 


Please include your: name, day time and night numbers and e-mail address. 

Refund Policy: Software download orders are not refundable.
We do not collect or distribute any information entered during purchase.

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