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Virginia ~ State Divorce Laws 
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Child Custody Parenting Plans

Virginia Home Page
Family, Health, Children, Social Services
Department of Education and Standards of Learning

Virginia Judicial Branch
Virginia Codes, Rules and Statutes, Law Library
Mediation, Parent Education, Guardians Ad Litem,
Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Courts, Law Library
Publications: Mediation,
Guardians Ad Litem, Court Terms 

Forms: Mediation, Child Support Guidelines Worksheet,
Information Considered in Child Custody/Visitation, 
Information Required in Child/Spousal Support Proceedings

Legislative Information System: Code
Title 20 - Domestic Relations
Marriage, Divorce, Affirmation and Annulment, Support
Custody and Visitation Arrangements for Minor Children

Title 16.1 - Courts not of Record
Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts
Venue, Jurisdiction and Procedure in Civil Matters

Title 32.1 - Health
Vital Records: Birth, Marriage, Divorce
Parents to report S.S. account number at time of child's birth.

Virginia Department of Social Services
Child Support Enforcement, Support Obligation Calculator,
Child Care, Child Protection Services, Foster Care, Adoption

Virginia Child Support Information
Support Obligation Calculator, Services for Children,
Appeal, Check Your Case, Estimate Child Support Obligation

Virginia Bar Association
Lawyer Referral, Legal Aid, Legal Language, 
Check an Attorney's license, Complaints about Lawyers

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