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Texas ~ State Divorce Laws 
                           State-by-State Divorce Laws
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Texas Home Page
Education, Laws/Codes/Statutes, Courts, Agencies
Health & Family Services: Child Support, Child Abuse
Public Records: Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates

Texas Judiciary Online
  - Texas Appellate Courts
  - Texas Trial Courts
  - Judicial Agencies & Groups
  - Court Rules
  - Resources Materials
  - Access to Judicial Records

State Bar of Texas
  - Pro Bono & Community Services
  - Client Assistance & Grievance
  - Obtain Lawyer Referrals for Your Region
  - Consumer Information
  - Resources for Schools and Teachers

Human Resources Code
  - Title 2. Department of Human/Protective Services
  - Title 3. Facilities and Services for Children
  - Title 4. Services for the Deaf
  - Title 5. Services for the Blind and Visually Handicapped
  - Title 10. Juvenile Boards, Family Services Offices
Texas Child Support Information
  - Locating a Non-custodial Parent
  - Establishing Paternity
  - Establishing and Enforcing Child Support Orders
  - Establishing and Enforcing Medical Support Orders
  - Reviewing and Adjusting Child Support Payments
  - Collecting and Distributing Child Support Payments

Texas Family Law Code
- Title 1.  The Marriage Relationship
  - Title 2.  Child in Relation to the Family
  - Title 3.  Juvenile Justice Code
  - Title 4.  Protective Orders & Family Violence
  - Title 5.  The Parent-Child Relationship ...

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