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Tennessee ~ State Divorce Laws 
                                       State-by-State Divorce Laws
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Tennessee Home Page
*Residents: Child Support Payment Summary, Family/Health
Birth/Death/Marriage Records, Tennessee School Directory,
Children's Health/Welfare, Child Care, Kid's Pages, Games
*Online Services: Child Support Payment Summary, 
Vial Records: Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates

*Education Areas: K-12, Higher Education, Adult Education

Tennessee Judicial Branch
*Programs: Parenting Plan, Lawyers Assistance Program
*Information: Child Support, Mediator, Parenting Plans
*Education: Legal Words, Guide to Courts, Court of Appeals

Tennessee Legislature

Tennessee Code - Michie's Legal Resources

*Title 36 Domestic Relations
Adoption, Paternity, Marriage, Divorce, Annulment, 
Alimony, Child Support, Child Custody and Visitation

Title 34 Guardianship - Estates Of Incompetent
Power of Attorney for Care of Minor Child, Authority,
Change of Residence, Termination of Power of Attorney

*Title 39 Criminal Offenses
Bigamy is a Class A Misdemeanor, Children,
Proof of Marriage, Validity of Marriage, Non-Support

Tennessee Department of Human Resources
Child Support Guidelines, Child Support Calculation, 
Child Support Fact Sheet, Child Support Payment Summary,
Court Orders, Establish Paternity, Complaints, Collection,

Enforcement, Find Missing Parents, Contact Child Support

Tennessee Suicide Prevention Network

With public discourse, education, and awareness, each of us
can help reduce the frequency of suicide in our communities.

About Suicide:
Facts, Statistics, Warning Signs, What Works

Department of Children's Services
Adoption, Child Protection Services, Foster Care
Treatment Facilities, Programs for Delinquent Youth

Tennessee Bar Association
How Do I Find a Lawyer? 
How Do Lawyers Charge?
What If I Am Unhappy with My Attorney? Legal Aid
Legal Links, Rules of Evidence/Procedure, Rules of Court

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