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 South Dakota ~ State Divorce Laws 
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South Dakota Home Page
Go To Family/Health Family Services
Child Support Enforcement, Adoption, Foster Care,
Child Protection, Baby Care Services, Family Planning

South Dakota Judicial Branch
Procedures: Visitation Guidelines - should be considered 
as only a minimum direction for interaction with the children.
Child Support Calculator - is intended to enable the user to
approximate the amount of child support that a court can order.

South Dakota Legislature
Go To Codified Laws Title List 25 Domestic Relations
Divorce & Separation, Custody & Visitation Rights, Parent &
Child, Support Obligations, Paternity Proceedings, Protection
from Domestic Abuse, Termination of Parental Relations

South Dakota Bar Association
Lawyer Referral, Information: Divorce, Marriage, Visitation
Pamphlets: Marriage, Divorce, Mediation, Shared Parenting
South Dakota Department of Social Services
Child Support, Domestic Abuse Program, Child Protection,
Child Care, Food Stamps, Medical Eligibility, Medical Service,

Assistance for Families, Common Sense/Responsive Parenting

South Dakota Child Support Information
Child Support Calculator, Enforcing a Support Order,
Modification of Support Orders, Paternity Establishment,
Locating Parents, Distribution of Child Support Payments,

South Dakota Unified Judicial System's Visitation Guidelines

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