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Rhode Island ~ State Divorce Laws 
                                                 State-by-State Divorce Laws
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Rhode Island Home Page
*Living in RI: Legal Services & Programs, Adoption
*Government: Court Records, State Statutes, Victims' Rights
*Health & Public Safety: Children & Family, Public Safety
   - Social Services Family, Family Court, Vital Records
*Education: K-12 Education, Colleges & Universities

Rhode Island Judicial Branch
Go To Site Map Family Court
*Divorce Mediation: Conflicts Regarding Custody/ Visitation
*Forms: Mediation Eligibility Form & Confidential Statement

Rhode Island Bar Association
*Public Information: Lawyer Referral, Fee Dispute, 
Choose and Use a Lawyer, Volunteer Lawyer Program
State Child Support Information Link
Combines data from delinquent child support obligor 
records into one accessible database, to intercept insurance
settlements owed to delinquent child support obligors.

State of Rhode Island General Laws
*Title 15 Domestic Relations
Support of Children, Child Custody, Domestic Abuse, 
Divorce, Income Withholding, Age of Majority, Adoption

*Title 8 Courts and Civil Procedure
Domestic Assault - Filing, Family Court - Family Counseling

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