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New Jersey ~ State Divorce Laws 
                                             State-by-State Divorce Laws
Child Custody Parenting Plans

New Jersey Home Page
Citizen: Divorce Decrees, Helping Kids Through Divorce,
Paternity Testing, Child Care, Marriage/Birth/Death Cert.

New Jersey Judicial Branch
Child Support Guidelines, Legal Practice Forms, 
Represent Yourself in Court, Court Rules, Case Guidelines

Department of Human Resources
Child Support/Care, Adoption, Foster Care, Health Care

Statewide Mediation Program 
What is Mediation, Cost of Mediation
What Are the Roles of Counsel and Litigants in Mediation?

Divorce and Your Retirement Benefits
What happens: Division of Pensions and Benefits will honor
court orders for child support, alimony, equitable distribution.

Rules Governing The Courts
Part V -- IN The Chancery Division, Family Part

New Jersey State Bar Association
Lawyer Referral Services, Lawyer Assistance Program
New Jersey Child Support Information
The guidelines, rules shall be applied when an application to 
establish or modify child support is considered by the court.

Family Matters
Help for Self-Represented Litigants.
How to Ask the Court to Change Child Support Payments

Family Division
Dissolution / Domestic Violence / Supervised Visitation
Family Crisis Intervention, Adoptions, Abuse & Neglect

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