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Minnesota ~ State Divorce Laws 
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Minnesota Home Page
Go To Social Services Children & Families: 
Child Support, Child Protection, Adoption, Foster Care

Vital Certificates: Birth/Death/Marriage, Adult Protection

Minnesota Judicial Branch
Court Forms/Rules, Court of Appeals, About our Courts,
Reports: Parent's Guide to Making Child-Focused Visitation

Minnesota Legislative Reference Library
Children's Issues: Child Care, Education, Child Support
Federal: Adoption, Child Care, Abuse, Neglect, Foster Care

Minnesota Statutes 2004 - Children and Families
Chapter 119A -
Department of education; programs
Chapter 119B - Child care programs

Minnesota Statutes 2004 - Domestic Relations
Chapter 517 - Marriage
Chapter 518 - Marriage Dissolution
Chapter 518A - Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Act
Chapter 518B - Domestic Abuse
Chapter 518C - Uniform Interstate Family Support Act
Chapter 518D - Child Custody Jurisdiction/Enforcement Act
Chapter 519 - Married Persons; Rights, Privileges

Minnesota State Bar Association

Public Services: Lawyer Referral System
Minnesota Department of Human Services
Go To
Children: Child Support, Child Protection,
Health Care Programs, Adoption, Foster Care, Child Care

Child Support: Guidelines, Payments, Employer Information
- Application for Support and Collections Services
- Automatic Withdrawal for Your Child Support Payments
- Explanation of Child Support Medical Support and 
  Child Care Support Services in Minnesota, 
- Referral to Support and Collections

- Answers to Grandparents' Questions About Child Support
- Direct Deposit for Child Support
- Understanding Child Support: A Handbook for Parents
- Employer’s Guide to Minnesota Child Support Laws

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