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Michigan ~ State Divorce Laws 
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*Self-Help Center: Legal Help- How to Find an Attorney,
Going to Court, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Libraries

Michigan Courts - One Court of Justice
Go To Self-Help Center: How to Find an Attorney,
Going to Court, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Matters the
Courts Handle, Affordable Legal Help, Definitions, Services,

Go To Court Forms & Reporting Requirements Domestic
Relations: Custody-Parenting Time, Emancipation of a Minor,
Name Change, Appeals, Garnishment.

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Community Dispute Resolution Centers.

Go To Standards (Trial Courts): Alternative Dispute Resolution Plans, Custody and Parenting Time Violations,
Family Court Plan Requirements and Guidelines & Summary
of Requirements.

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Fatherhood, DNA Paternity Testing.

Michigan Bar Association
Lawyer Referral, Legal Aid, Links to Law Firms
Search Box: Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support
Family Independence Agency
Child Support: Assistance, Forms, Publications,
Parent Locator, Employer Information, Child Support

Day Care, Adoption, Protection Services, Foster Care
Medical Services, Emergency Services, County Offices

Michigan Legislature
Go To Laws Chapter Index Chapter 552: Divorce
Support/Parenting Time Enforcement Act, Change of Name
Collection of Support, Property, Alimony, Family Support Act

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