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Maine ~ State Divorce Laws 
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Maine Home Page
Law Libraries, Family Division Court, Education

*Go To Living Children's Services & Programs:
Child Support, Establishing Paternity, Adoption, Child Care,
Child Welfare, Drug Use Prevention, Information for Parents

*Go To Government State Legislature Maine Statutes

Title 19-A: Marriage, Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support,
Paternity, Interstate Family Support, Alternative Resolution

Maine Judicial Branch
Maine Courts, Rules, Forms: Child Support Worksheet
Court Services/Resources Legal Dictionary, Court Fees,
Representing Yourself, Alternative Dispute Resolution

Maine Bar Association
Public Resources, Lawyer Referral
Maine Child Support Information
Division of Support Enforcement & Recovery
Assuring non-custodial parents are supporting their children.

Employers Page (New Hire Reporting), Glossary of Terms

Department of Human Services
Vital Records, Prescription Drug Assistance, Children
Go To Child & Family Services Child Protection, Adoption

Women/Infants/Children Nutrition Program, Health Insurance

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