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Louisiana ~ State Divorce Laws 
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Louisiana Home Page
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Serving The Public Health & Social Services:
Family Support, Child Welfare, Health & Social Services
Vital Records: Birth, Death, Marriage, Department of Health

Louisiana Judicial Branch
Legal Resources, Law Library, Administrative Code
Clerks of Court, Law Library of Louisiana, Constitution

Louisiana State Legislature
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Code of Civil Procedure
  - CCP 74.2 - Custody Proceedings, Support
  - CCP 686 - Marital Community
  - CCP 1426 - Protective Orders
  - CCP 3951 - Petition for Divorce
  - CCP 3956 Evidence of facts in divorce action
  - CCP 3947 - Name confirmation

Louisiana Bar Association
How to Find a Lawyer, Client Assistance Program
Access to Justice, Lawyers' Assistance Program (LAP)
Search Box: "Divorce" Gives 17 total results for divorce.
Louisiana Department of Social Services
Child Support: What services are provided...
Parent Location , Paternity, Enforcing Orders, Food Stamps
Child Care, Child Welfare, Visually Impaired, Cash Assistance

Louisiana Notary Association - Forms
  - The Matrimonial Agreement
  - Provisional Custody of Mandate

  - Acknowledgment of Paternity (Act of Legitimation)
  - Application for Cert. Copy of Birth/Death Certificate

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