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Florida ~ State Divorce Laws 
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Florida Home Page
Child Support Payments - Manage Child Support Payments
Education, Kids Corner, Child Care, Home & Family, Health

Florida Judicial Branch
Alternative Dispute Resolution/Mediation, Family Courts,
Self-Help Centers, Family Law Forms, Mediator Search

Florida Statutes
* Title XLIII Domestic Relations

Husband and Wife - Chapter 741
Marriage License, Domestic Violence, Protection Orders

Determination of Parentage - Chapter 742
Paternity Proceedings, Orders for Support, Attorney's Fee

Guardianship - Chapter 744
Types of Guardianship, Powers and Duties, Termination

Custody Of Child By Extended Family - Chapter 751
Determination of temporary custody proceedings; jurisdiction.

Grandparental Visitation Rights - Chapter 752
Action by grandparent for right of visitation; when petition...

Family Visitation Network
- Chapter 753
Supervised visitation projects.  Family Visitation Network.

Florida Child Support Information
Child Support Services, Child Support Guidelines, Check Case Payments Status, Pay Online, Forms and Brochures, Toll free child support phone number and  local area offices.
A guide to free legal information/legal services.

Divorce, Child Support, Termination of Parents' Rights

Florida Bar Association
Consumer Services:
Lawyer Referral Service, Legal Groups
Attorney Consumer Assistance Program,
Pro Bono Services

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