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Delaware ~ State Divorce Laws 
                   State-by-State Divorce Laws
Child Custody Parenting Plans

Delaware Home Page
Resident Children: Custody/Visitation, Child Support, 
Child Abuse/Care, Juvenile Delinquency, Health Concerns.
Justice & Courts: Court Rules/Forms/Directives,
Assistance, Legal References, Filing - Divorce, Name Change.
Health: Wellness & Nutrition, Support Services,
Children's Health, Substance Abuse Services, Health Issues.

Delaware State Courts
Family Court Custody/Visitation, Child Support,
Family Court Performance, Court Rules/Proceedings,
Court Hearing Information, Child Support Calculation

Delaware Code
Title 13 - Domestic Relations
Marriage, Husband and Wife; Contracts/Property Rights
Domestic Violence Act, Division of Child Support,
Adoption, Desertion and Support, Uniform Child Custody...

Melson Formula, Child Support Formula
Outlines the procedures for determining child support.
Family Court is solely responsible for the content/application.

Delaware Bar Association
General Information: Lawyer Referral Service
Law Links: Delaware Rules of Professional Conduct

Division of Child Support Enforcement
Services/Programs Children: Adoption, Foster Care
Medical Assistance - Healthy Children, Medicaid

Child Support Enforcement:
  - Find the Non-Custodial Parent: Location
  - Establish Legal Fatherhood for Children: Paternity
  - Establish the Legal Support Order: Obligation
  - Collect Child Support Payments: Enforcement
  - Provide Services to Change Orders: Modification
  - Account for Payments Received and Send Payment

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