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California ~ State Divorce Laws 
                                       State-by-State Divorce Laws
Child Custody Parenting Plans

California Home Page
Education, Health & Safety, Family Laws, Vital Records
Name Change,
How to Order Birth / Death Certificates

California Judicial Branch
Forms: Family Law - Dissolution/Separation/Annulment

Legislative Counsel - California Family Code
Marriage, Divorce, Judgments, Orders, Attorney Fees

Readings On No-Fault Divorce
Prepared By Charlene Wear Simmons, Ph.D.

California Law Revision Commission Report
1994 Family Code: Child Custody, Family Civil Proceedings

Family Court - Self Service Center
Divorce, Child Support, Child Custody, Domestic Violence

Expert Health Data Programming
Statistics: Marriage, Divorce, Birth, Pregnancy

California Bar Association
Finding an Attorney for Legal Advice, Making a Will
Child Support Information
Child Support Establishment, Collection, Distribution... 
Customer Resources, Reference Library, Local Offices

California Courts Self-help Center
Divorce, Support, Domestic Violence, Guardianship

States' Profile of Child Support
Office of Child Support  Enforcement, U.S. Dept. of Health

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