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Arizona ~ State Divorce Laws
                                State-by-State Divorce Laws
Child Custody Parenting Plans

Arizona Home Page
Child Support, Courts, Family, Health, Safety
Vital Records: Birth/Death/Marriage Certificates, 
Education & Training: K-12, Higher Education, Universities

Arizona Judicial Branch
Divorce/Parenting Issues, Children/Family Issues, 
Domestic Violence, Attorney Information, Complaints

Self-Service Center - Judicial Branch 
Forms: Divorce, Child Support Changes, Family Crisis,
Name Change, Personal Information Redaction, Probate

Self-Service Center - Maricopa County

Program provided by Superior Court, to help individuals help
themselves in court.  Forms and Listing: Lawyers/Mediators

Arizona State Legislature
* Go To:
State Statutes Title 8 Children
Adoption, Juvenile Court, Child Welfare and Placement
* Go To: State Statutes Title 12Courts/Civil Proceedings
Court of Appeals, Change Venue/Judge, Evidence, Contempt
* Go To: State Statutes Title 25 Marital/Domestic Relations

Marriage, Dissolution, Child Custody/Visitation, Paternity
Child Support: Establishment, Modification, Interstate

Domestic Relations Education on Children's Issues
Minimum Standards for Domestic Relations Education on Children's Issues Programs, Definitions, Program Length

Arizona Bar Association
Legal Resources: Free Legal Services
Lawyers and Legal Fees, Working with Lawyers

Arizona Department of Economic Security
* Children: Child Care/Protection, Adoption/Foster Care
* Families: Child Support Enforcement, Marriage Workshops
* Services & Programs: Cash Assistance, Early Intervention

Arizona Child Support Information
  - Arizona Child Support Guidelines
  - Locating the Non-Custodial Parent
  - Establishing Legal Paternity
  - Establishing a Legal Child or Medical Support Order
  - Enforcing Child and Medical Support Orders
  - Collecting Child Support Payments

Child Support Calculator
Calculator assumes that all of the children will primarily
live with one parent not joint physical custody, split custody.

States' Profile of Child Support
Office of Child Support  Enforcement, U.S. Dept. of Health

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