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Washington ~ Divorce & Marriage Support 
                                                                     State-by-State Divorce Laws

Court Appointed Special Advocates - People who advocate for Children
Child Custody Parenting Plans

Washington State Coalition Against Domestic Violence - Domestic Violence Programs.

FaithTrust Institute - Seattle - Providing communities/advocates with tools related to abuse.

Behavioral Counseling Associates - Also in Olympia - Marriage and Family Therapy.

Therapy Integration Practices - Therapeutic skill-building approach to couples therapy.

Doug McClosky
- Family, Adult, Adolescent and Child Therapist; Relationship/parenting issues.

Jerry Stockman - Licensed therapist for individuals, couples, families. Help for troubled families.

Emerging Perspectives - Judy Knight - Marriage/Family Therapist; A Retreat for Couples.

Peter Dennis Pautz - Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist; It's Not Rocket Science Therapy.

Gig Harbor
Therapy4life - Carole Bergen & Associates - Couples Therapy: advanced communication skills.

Loryann M. Nichols - Marriage and Family Therapy; Communication, Intimacy, Parenting.

James Faust & Associates - Affordable & effective counseling to individuals, couples, families.

Port Angeles
Melody Williams - Life Coaching to individuals wanting to live a more balanced, happier lifestyle.

Sally McIntosh
- Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist; family or separate parent counseling.


Northwest Counseling - Divorce or separation, Conflict with spouse, loved ones, or family.
Nikelle Rosier & Associates -
Individuals, Families, Couples and Children's Counseling.
Arboretum Counseling Associates - Couples, Marriage and Family Therapy, Parenting Issues.
Marisa A. Kallman - MA - Therapist - Counseling Services: Individual, Couples, Family.
Samaritan Center - Therapy for individuals, couples, and families, Divorce Mediation Services.

Michael L. Lipstein
- Licensed Marriage/Family Therapist.  I redirect couples to the solutions.
St Joseph Family Center - Individual, couple, marriage, child & family therapy; family mediation.


Pearl Counseling Associates
- We provide services to individuals, couples, families and groups.

Dr. Valerie Correa - Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Licensed Marital and Family Therapist.
Keith Hackett - Three Easy and Enjoyable Ways to Nurture and Heal Relationships.

Mary T. Guay - Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Professional Coach.

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