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State Divorce Laws

Wisconsin Divorce Laws
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Child Custody Parenting Plans

Wisconsin Home Page
Health & Safety: Vital Records, Consumer Protection
 Education: Agencies, Schools K-12/Universities, Libraries
 Government: Administrative Code, Statutes, Legal Notices

Wisconsin Court System
 Forms > Circuit Court: Family, Guardianship, Self Representation< Modification
 Services > Self-Help Law Center: Divorce and Family Law, Name Change

Wisconsin Legislature
^ Wisconsin Statutes and Annotations
     The Family: 765 to 770
Marriage, Actions affecting the family.
     Property rights of married persons; marital property.
Civil: Appeals and writs of error, Garnishment, Court Cost
     Civil Procedure: Chapter 822 Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act

^ Wisconsin State Legislature Statutes
    Chapter 767 Actions Affecting the Family: Child Support, Custody
    Chapter 765 Marriage, Chapter 766 Property Rights of Married Persons,
    Chapter 770 Domestic Partnership, Chapter 812 Garnishment,
    Chapter 48 Children's Code, Chapter 54 Guardianships. Chapter 861 Family Rights,
    Chapter 822 Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act

Wisconsin Department of Family and Families
 Domestic Abuse/Violence, Adoption, Vital Records, Hospitals
 Child Abuse/Neglect, Child Care, Family Support Program
 Children with Special Needs, Foster Care, Form Library

^ Wisconsin Child Support Program
     Child Support Guidelines, Parent Receiving/Paying,
     View your Payments, Local Child Support Agencies,
     Calculator, Paternity, Employers' Guide to Child Support

Wisconsin State Law Library

 Legal Topics: Legal Assistance, Legal Forms, Ordinances & Codes

^ Child Custody / Visitation
     Child Custody / Visitation Forms, Determining the Best Interest of the Child,

Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development
Child Support, Child Care, Wisconsin Fatherhood Initiative
School-To-Work, Youth Apprenticeship, Career Centers
Work Permits, Food Stamps, Quality Counts Kids Task Force




Wisconsin Attorneys

Karyn Gimbel Youso - Brookfield - Family law and divorce legal advice and representation.

W.R. Stewart & Associates - Madison - Faced with family law related issues or child custody.

Gordon E Stillings, S.C. - Neenah - Family law firm; representing families with their legal issues.

Kennedy & Freeburg, S.C. - Schofield - Divorce: Dedicated to the best interest of their clients.

D'Angelo & Jones - Waukesha - Family Law; Milwaukee, Waukesha, and Southeastern Wisconsin.


Wisconsin Legal Support

Wisconsin Bar Association - Public: Lawyer Referral, Law-Related Education

Wisconsin Judicare - Non-profit law firm,qual access to justice, northern Wisconsin’s residents. - Library >> Family Law: Custody, Child Support, Domestic Violence, Divorce.

Wisconsin Equal Justice Fund - Helping to deliver legal services to over 20,000 low-income.

Helping Parents & Attorneys Find Divorce Laws for all 50 States

State and Tribal Child Support Agency Contacts - Office of the Administration for Children & Families

Federal Family Support Resources
Parenting & Family Resources


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