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State Divorce Laws

Indiana Divorce Laws
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Child Custody Parenting Plans

Indiana Home Page - Child Support, Child Protection, Child Care, Family

Indiana Judicial Branch - Legal Issues, Court Rules, Parenting Time & Child Support
  Self Service Legal Center - Getting Legal Help, Protection Order, Representing Yourself

 ^ Indiana Rules of Court - Discovery, New Judge, Motions
Indiana Alternate Dispute Resolution - Family Mediation; Settlement Agreement

^ Indiana Child Support Calculator - Child Support Obligation

^ Indiana Legal Help - Court Forms - Indiana Supreme Court

^ Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines
   Indiana Parenting Time Guidelines are designed to assist parents and courts
   in the development of plans and represent the minimum time a parent should
   have to maintain frequent, meaningful, and continuing contact with a child.

Indiana Child Support Rules & Guidelines

^ Indiana Disciplinary Commission - Information for the Public & Indiana Attorneys

Indiana Family and Social Services Administration
 Adoption, Find Child Care, Food assistance, Health Coverage

Indiana Department of Education
 Custodial Statement and Agreement, Education Department Administrative Regulations

Indiana Department of Health
  Birth & Death Certificates, Marriage Statistics

Indiana Department of Child Services
^ Indiana Department of Child Support Bureau - - Form
^ Indiana State Central Collect ion Unit - Child Support Payments

Indiana Child Support Payment History Access
    Parents can view the last five payments posted.

Indiana General Assembly
 Indiana Code - Laws - Search
   Indiana Laws, Title 31 - Family Law, Support, Custody

   Indiana Code 31-16-6 - Child Support Orders, Emancipation of Child, Termination

^ Indiana Change of Venue - Showing one of the following causes...

^ Indiana Judgments in Agreed Cases - Enforcement of Judgment...

^ Interstate Placement of Children - States to cooperate in...
Name Change - Procedure for change of name of minor...
Limited Liability - Parent is liable for not more than...

^ Restraining Orders - may be granted by... when necessary...
Indiana Day Care Regulation - Day Care Centers & Homes
^ Indiana Regulation of Child Care Establishments

Clark County ׀Greene County ׀Marion County  Child Support Division: Prosecuting Attorney

Hamilton County ׀Marion County  Judicial: Forms / Protective Order / Court Locations




Indiana Attorneys

Danks & Danks - Evansville - Attorneys practice in all areas of domestic relations & family law.

Cordell & Cordell, P.C. - Indy - Domestic Litigation Firm. Divorce, Legal Separation.

Patricia L. McKinnon, Esq. - Indy - Family Law: Divorce, Legal Separation, Paternity, Guardianship.

Cooper Legal Services - Indy - Dwayne E. Cooper - Family Law, Free Initial Consultation.

Ruppert & Schaefer, P.C. - Indy - Represents clients in the legal field of family law.

Anderson, Agostino & Keller, P.C. - South Bend - Represent; divorces, civil/family law mediations.


Indiana Legal Support

Indiana Attorney Referral: 317-269-2222

Indiana Attorney Good Standing: 317-232-5861

Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary: 317-232-1807

Indiana Legal Service - Nonprofit firm, free civil legal assistance, eligible low-income people.

Indianapolis Legal Aid Society
  Counties: Boone, Hamilton, Hancock, Hendricks, Johnson, Marion, Morgan, Shelby

Helping Parents & Attorneys Find Divorce Laws for all 50 States

State and Tribal Child Support Agency Contacts - Office of the Administration for Children & Families

Federal Family Support Resources
Parenting & Family Resources


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