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State Divorce Laws

Alabama Divorce Laws
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Child Custody Parenting Plans

Alabama Home Page
 Go To » Alabama Government » Alabama Legislature » Resources » Code of Alabama
           » View Code of Alabama
Alabama Legislature - Code

  Title 30 - Marital and Domestic Relations: Marriage, Divorce, Alimony, Child Custody
  & Support, Husband and Wife, Domestic Violence Facilities, Family Resources Centers, Shelters.

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» Living in Alabama » Children Services/Programs:
 Child Support Enforcement Division, Child Support Order Child Abuse Prevention, Adopting,
 Child  Day Care, Parent Assistance.

Alabama Judicial System
Alalinc - Alabama's Legal Information Network
  Go To » Resources: Legal Information Services, Law Libraries, Bar Associations.
  Go To » Appellate Mediation: Mediation Rules, Mediation Roster, PDF Forms, FAQs.

Alabama Department of Human Resources
> Child Support Payments - Child support payment information.


Alabama Child Support Enforcement - Services: Applying for Child Support Services, Child Support
    Order Establishment, Collection and Distribution of Child Support Payment, Enforcement of
    Court Ordered Child Support Payment, Establishing Paternity, Locating the Non-Custodial
    Parent, Review and Adjustment of Child Support Orders/Support Payment Information.
    Semimonthly Payroll Information for Employees, Information for Employers, Child Support
    Guidelines, A Guide to Child Support Services in Alabama, Your Rights.
Alabama Fatherhood Initiative - joint effort:
    Department of Human Resources Child Support Enforcement & Family Assistance programs

Alabama Child Support Enforcement Division
 Child Support Information: Check Child Support Payments Online, Child Support Guidelines,
 Schedule of Basic Child Support Obligations, Child Day Care Rates.

 Child Support Forms: Order/Notice to Withhold Income for Child Support, Petition for Support,
 Default  Judgment Setting Amount of Support, Support Agreement,
 Order of Arrearage / Contempt Non-Payment of Support, Proceedings for Support/Order...



Alabama Attorneys

Harbison & Hoyt, LLC - Daphne - Litigation: Family Law. Pre-Nuptial and Post-Nuptial Agreements.

Anderson Law Firm, L.L.C. - Montgomery - Family Law / Divorce: Central Alabama Divorce Lawyer.


Alabama Legal Support

Family Assistance - Family Assistance program administered by the Family Assistance Division - Families and Children: Divorce, Child Support, Custody, Visitation.

Alabama Board of Examiners - Marriage and Family Therapy

Helping Parents & Attorneys Find Divorce Laws for all 50 States

State and Tribal Child Support Agency Contacts - Office of the Administration for Children & Families

Federal Family Support Resources
Parenting & Family Resources


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