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Divorce Law Directory Center
Helping Parents Find Divorce Information - A helping hand when needed most.
National Fatherhood Initiative - Confronts the growing problem of a father's absence. - Support for stay at-home dads, primary and their families.
National Center for Fathering - Champion the role of fathers to this generation. - An all volunteer, non-profit organization of men and women advocating for fatherhood since 1994. - Child support information for Fathers - Lower your child support and spend more time with your kids. - Men's International News and Review. - Writes about gender issues from a man's perspective.

Divorce Care, Inc. - Find help as you recover from the hurt of separation/ divorce.
National Fathers' Resource Center - Provides fathers with relevant information about critical issues. - Dr. Dreamer - Divorce based on my personal "real-life" experience. - Mission strengthen family by establishing family as top priority in people's lives.


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