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State Bar of Texas - Lawyer Referral Service
Child Custody Parenting Plans

Law Offices of Moises Rios - Family Law: laws/rules developed regarding family relationships.

Dallas - Michael P. Granata - Divorce Lawyer & Child Support Attorney.
Wright Firm, LLP - Divorce/Mediation; We handle family law needs for clients throughout Texas.
Holmes, Woods, Diggs & Eames - Family law including divorce, child custody/support, property.
Robertson & Railsback - Accomplished Family Law Representation for Texas. Divorce/Custody.

Jack K. Robinson - Family Law: Interested in enforcing your rights. Divorce, Marriage Mediation.


Houston Family Law Attorney - Scott Morgan - Dedicated to family law & divorce cases. - Mary E. Ramos - Committed to family law, divorce & mediation.
John K. Grubb & Associates - Family law firm specializing in divorce law, child custody/support.
Marilyn Gale Vilyus - Helping families in transition in Houston and surrounding communities.

Jane-Ashley McMillan - Family Law Practice: Child Custody, Child Support, Divorce Mediation.
Shapiro Law Firm - Texas law practice that is dedicated to helping resolve family law matters.

Deborah McGregor Cascino - Family Law: Divorce, Child Custody, Visitation, Child Support.

Criminal & DUI Attorneys - Douglas Wilder is an aggressive Dallas, Texas DWI Lawyer with a solid track record of wins.
Haywood & Barbieri PC - Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyer - Trial lawyers with unparalleled experience in criminal defense.  - Michael Low - Former Dallas County Assistant District Attorney - Criminal & Civil Litigation Lawyer.

Broden & Mickelsen - Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers - Criminal Defense at the Trial/Appellate Levels in State/Federal Court.

Statewide Legal Support
Legal Aid of NorthWest Texas - We can give you legal advice, provide brief service, or represent you.
Texas Rio Grande Legal Aid - Non-profit agency that specializes in providing free civil legal services to the indigent residents.
Lone Star Legal Aid - Nonprofit corporation, provides a full range of legal services to a significant number of low-income clients. - Family Law & Domestic Violence: Child Support, Divorce, Custody, Visitation, Paternity, Domestic Violence.
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