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Bantz, Gosch & Cremer, L.L.C. - Mediation, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Family Law.
Gina J. Rogers - Family Law: divorce/dissolution, custody, child support, equitable distribution of debts and assets.


Christensen Law Offices - Family Law and Divorce Lawyer: helping clients navigate family law.

Rapid City
Gunderson, Palmer, Goodsell & Nelson LLP - Family Law: learn more about the laws, your rights.
Costello, Porter, Hill, Heisterkamp, Bushnell and Carpenter LLP - Family legal services.
Johnson Eiesland Law Office, P.C. - Divorce: Never apply or interpret the law w/o an attorney.

Sioux Falls
Thesenvitz, Mickelson & Berreau, LLP - Family Law / Divorce: property, child custody, paternity.
Thomas Blake -
Divorce: Child Custody & Support, Property Division, Contested, Uncontested.
Galland Law Firm, P.C. - Family Law: Provides comprehensive legal counseling & representation.
Gary W. Conklin - Family Law, Divorce: Providing the highest quality legal services to you.
Thomas M. Keller - We work to educate you on the rights and the responsibilities you will face.

Brian K. Kirby - W/ McCullen Law Firm, L.L.P - Family Law: Child Custody, Divorce, Child Support.

Kinney & Dardis, LLP - Family Law, Divorce, Custody, Paternity, Guardianship, Visitation.


Statewide Legal Support
East River Legal Services - Sioux Falls  (800) 952-3015
Dakota Plains Legal Services Inc. - Mission  (800) 658-2297
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